Do you think that weight gain and disease are simply a function of age and genetics? Do you wonder why, despite eating a whole-grain, low-fat diet and putting in countless hours of exercise, you aren’t getting any thinner? Most importantly: Why do you eat the way you do? Because someone else told you that it is healthy?

In the paleo community, we believe that FOOD IS MEDICINE. We have either eliminated all symptoms of, or dramatically improved, the diseases we had by eating REAL food - diseases like diabetes, heart disease, ADHD, Crohn’s, and many others - and in most cases have become completely medication-free. And we have learned that when your body is healthy inside, it will automatically look healthier on the outside too. As a result, most of us have lost a lot of body fat. Bonus.

The people featured in this book are but a handful of THOUSANDS who have all undergone a miraculous transformation in their health, to the point where many of them have started blogs or websites, and written books like this one. We are all born again - but this time in perfect health - and are excited to share our secret with you.

The only question left is: Do YOU have the courage to make a huge positive change in YOUR life?


At least half the profits from the sale of this book go to The Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund

"The Paleo Miracle should be a must read for every family doctor in the U.S. and around the world. As I was reading story after story of people taking their health into their own hands and getting miraculous results, my motivation to spread the word about this lifestyle increased exponentially. I believe this book will save lives. I pray it will. It's powerful and inspiring, you will be motivated to take control of your own health and you won't stop until you do." ~ Michelle Norris, Co-Founder of PaleoFX,, and Co-Owner of Instinct Catering & Events,

"This book is nothing short of awe-inspiring! It proves that the Paleo movement is far more than a 'diet' but that it has been a vehicle to change people's lives from the inside out. Amazing!" ~ Orleatha Smith, Owner and Wellness Consultant, Level Health and Nutrition,

"If there is one thing you can take away from this book, it’s TRUTH!! Every single story in this book is TRUE!! Every single person in this book has overcome some kind of 'diet' failure and or some kind of medical issue and discovered the power of what EATING REAL FOOD can do for you. True Health, True Confidence, True Strength. Wouldn’t you like to discover that for yourself?" ~ Tim Swart, Webmaster, All In Paleo: Big Tim's Primal Journey,

"I am so inspired reading all of these amazing transformations. It reminds me of why I have chosen the paleo foods lifestyle and why I work every day in my business to share the most nutrient dense foods with everyone I meet. I hope you will read and be able to relate in some way to the chronic illnesses we suffer from and know that there is a way through proper nutrition." ~ Patricia Cashion, Founder of Shoot For Healthy,, and Co-Owner of Instinct Catering & Events,

"This is the most inspirational, eye-opening, emotional and powerful book I've read this year. There is nothing more powerful than real people and real stories, especially stories of unbelievable and phenomenal change of health. These stories will provoke awe as well as provide the kind of inspiration that no number of scientific double-blind peer-reviewed studies can give." ~ Eve Haapala, Primal Woman,