From three weeks into his paleo transformation, Joseph Salama was so inspired by his health and happiness level that he began sharing it with his friends and family - with smashing success, helping his mother with her type II diabetes and his father with his Parkinson's. By the end of ten months, he had over 80 converts under his belt - all of whom reported improved health, weight loss, and more energy and vigor than they had felt in years. But that wasn't enough. So he sought out and contacted hundreds of others who have transformed, and selected the best stories to share with the rest of the world in a book. When he isn't working on paleo books, Joseph is busy being a father, a trial attorney, and a mediator in the San Francisco Bay Area, and sits on the Board of Directors for several non-profit organizations.









Christina Lianos is a Paleo foodie and advocate for real

ethical food for health. Overcoming numerous lifetime

ailments and autoimmune issues through a Paleo lifestyle,

Christina quickly began to promote the optimal health

benefits of Paleo to family, friends and anyone willing to

listen. She recently appeared on the Dr. Oz show to discuss

how she lost weight and overcame her issues following a

Paleo lifestyle.


As a busy professional mum of 3 girls, Christina now

translates her love of Paleo cooking through Healthilinguist,

where she shares new and adapted recipes to new and

long-time followers of the Paleo lifestyle.